Wearing shoes of a ‘Social Media “Expert”‘ for a Morning Show

Sometimes, it really feels like that I am some sort of disguise master that perhaps because I end up juggling between many hats in a day, i.e. I have to act like a social media professional and community manager at my workplace at the same time I am strategist and content producer, I have a side of me where I am a teacher, there is another aspect that makes me a writer and sometimes I am just another guy.

In all those roles I still do not think that I am anything but an expert, but it is not always what you think. Well, today was one such day as I entered the studio and set of the morning show of City 42 (Lahore based regional news channel) – City @ 10.


With the host of the morning show City @ 10, Seemal Hashmi at City42 Studios

I was invited by a dear friend who happens to be the host of the show as well, Seemal Hashmi (Nepotism Much!!!! 😉). Since Seemal hosts the show that has quite a comprehensive segments today they were to cover social media in the final segment of the show. That was the point when the I realized that I was in the shoes of a social media “expert”.

Honestly, I still like to consider myself as a mere student and learner the part of becoming and to be called an expert is still a long way to go. However, it was great to be part of the show especially when a morning show is much more than what other morning shows have to offer, where there is still the element of debate and spreading the spirit of learning.

I guess this is enough of the commentary from my end! If you haven’t do check out the video above from the segment of City @ 10 of City42 where I tried to talk about and explained social media as much as I could in the wake of questions put forward to me. Till next time Ciao! 👋


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August 16, 2017 · 11:26 pm

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