Sparkistan – A campaign to inspire and rekindle hope


At times it starts to feel like an overstated line that Pakistan has immense talent, perhaps because of the cynicism which is now part of our nature now. But then time and again we get to hear stories about achievers and unsung heroes who defied all the hurdles and earned a name for them. Some of them are achievers in the personal capacity and some are a real unsung heroes/heroines who are making a real contribution toward the society.

A few weeks ago Atlas Battery launched their all new campaign that revolves around the unsung heroes and heroines of Pakistan. The campaign is called #Sparkistan, since most of the discussion and discourse happen online now, therefore, the campaign is designed in a way to create awareness and word of mouth online – As a result, from the campaign break to the three short video documentaries about three achievers from Pakistan.

The Sparkistan Anthem

The campaign break served the purpose as it had all the right elements which can touch the right cord and rekindle the sense of pride and patriotism. Therefore the result and online reaction was clear and evident:

 Dr. Naeem Taj

What is better than having one Guinness world record? Having won two Guinness world records. This is what this Doctor has done yet he is unknown and the majority does not know about it. The Sparkistan campaign put forward Dr. Naeem Taj as the first hero of Sparkistan Campaign. Yet again the online reaction strengthened the campaign’s presence.

Mohammad Ali Roshni Helpline

Roshni Helpline and the founder of this vital service, Mohammad Ali are the true examples of those people who actually make difference and contribution to the society. With the launch of the campaign, there was not only awareness created through the online documentary but also through the online word of mouth because voices online shared the snippets of amazing work this helpline does.

Samar Khan

There is always a way when there is a will to achieve – Samar Khan is an inspiring example which inspires and motivate. In a country where women are considered her story indeed created quite a stir online and there was a feel of inspiration in the online reaction.


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