Why Instagram Stories is better than Snapchat for a brand

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Instagram, a couple of weeks ago, added a new feature and since then it is making quite a stir on social media. There is no other opinion about the fact that this new feature is nothing but a direct attack on Snapchat.

Stories have been the most attractive feature that Snapchat has been offering, A good chunk of Instagram users especially those who use Instagram for live blogging and event coverage were shifting to Snapchat for that very feature.

Instagram’s new Stories feature is is a move to make sure that Instagram user stick to Instagram and use Instagram stories fro live event coverage and live photo blogging.

I am not an expert when it comes to Snapchat but still as a regular user tried to compare both the features in order to see why and how Instagram Stories is a better option for a brand and for live bloggers.

Instagram has an established user base and audience

Snapchat is relatively a new thing for brands, in fact, many brands are still skeptical about opting it as a social media outlet for digital branding. On the other hand, Instagram has been in the game much longer and brands have been using it for branding and digital community building since forever… let’s say since 2011

User Interface of Instagram is better Cleaner UI

For the new users, the interface for Snapchat is not really very friendly it is rather confusing. However, the UI of Instagram interface is cleaner and to older users, it is quite a sensible interface.

Since the interface on Snapchat is not very natural for older age bracket users and that is why it is highly likely that brands and bloggers will stick to Instagram due to an interface they are used to.

Instagram offers better growth and brands are easy to be discovered on it

As compared to other social networks the rate of growth in followers on Instagram is higher. On Instagram it is easy to build an audience and following, however, Snapchat lacks that feature and it is quite a work to get following and audience on Snapchat.

According to this training kit on this subject:

  • Use 30 hashtags on every photo to get more exposure
  • Follow 200 people every single day, unfollow those who don’t follow back
  • Take better photos
  • Network your face off and do meet-ups

Instagram has more Influencers

According to social media experts, there are 100x-1000x more Instagram influencers than on Snapchat. An influencer is a figure (can be a social media user too) that enjoys the attention of its followers. Influencers can be a great source of retaining the users and following.

in today’s social media race Instagram influencers play a pivotal role. As a brand, you can use these influencers on the same platform that has more following and better discoverability rather than leaving one platform and hoping into Snapchat just to post stories.

The market penetration of Instagram

Snapchat has mainly been famous among the tweens, interestingly, the same segment of the market also exist on Instagram and use it to post.. hmmm… selfies, food photos, travel moments etc. The market penetration of Instagram is huge among the older users/audience as well. As one social media expert once commented:

These days the grandparents of the world are on Facebook. The Mom’s and Dad’s of the world are on Instagram. The Tweens are of the world are on Snapchat and Instagram.

If the tweens and younger users start using Instagram stories in place of Snapchat this will be a massive success for the brand and it may lead to a monopoly for the Facebook group.

Instagram as an advertising tool

If a brand is using Instagram advertising it can harness ads with impressive quality by targeting mobile phone users. If you have knowledge about Facebook advertising Instagram ads are not an alien game for you.

Strategy for monetization

Instagram is owned by Facebook and the network is sitting on the top of a holistic advertising system. Instagram ads come with clear measures of ROI for brands. In the case of Snapchat, the monetization strategy is not as clear i.e. on Snapchat it is easy to create a filter to promote your event but measuring ROI of the exercise is a difficult nut to crack.


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