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The year 2016 took a healthy start interms of the business of Pakistani films as Ho Mann Jahaan ended up earning big bucks despite having a few flaws. It indicates that Pakistani people re still ready to let go tinny mistakes and welcome good healthy entertainment. After so many years in the month of February, a Pakistani film has been released this year – Bachaana – and the result seems to be good as Bachaana, might not be getting as much bucks as HMJ but has done good earning.

Bachaana is not a new story at all it is a simple and gazillion times already showcased story. However, what makes story of Vicky and Aalia (Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed) slightly different is that it is fast-paced film and it ends right in time just before one start getting bored. Alia is an Indian girl who is caught up in a trouble in Mauritius, Vicky a cab driver in Mauritius from Pakistan plays the saviour for Alia.

The film is full of a crispy chemistry between the two and full of witty punch lines. The story indeed was not fresh and lacks the unique edge but dialogue writing is at par and keeps amusing & tickling the audience. Film has just the right amount of music and songs, as no matter how good a song is it normally brings an unwanted break in the film, with music composing Ali Sher has done a decent job. This indicates that Ali has been wasting time at the wrong era where he was unfit. The acting of Mohib reflects that now he is a seasoned film actor with Bachaana being his fifth big screen venture. Sanam Saeed also did the justice to the bubbly Alia’s character and shows potential to go a long way as a movie star, besides she is being praised and criticised at the same time for doing a whole film in just two dresses and not looking glamorous in the first half of the film.

Film is shot very well, it brings the exoticness of Mauritius impressively to the screen, and the director Nasir Khan deserves brownie points for that. Bachaana on the screen of a cinema looks like a film and does not give the feel of an extended TV drama being shown on a gigantic screen.

In conclusion, film could have been much better as the cushion of improvement is always there. However, with the shooting and camera work director has done a good job. The dialogue writer get nearly full marks. Adeel Hashmi was a disappointment and his “surprising” entry to the big screen is quite indigestible as it came. Mohib and Sanam have done a good job and they are potentially one hit on screen couple. The final verdict is that film is family entertainment and if you are looking for a light comedy thriller, it is a film for you. I can easily give Bachaana 3 out of 5 in my scorecard.


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