Let The Poster Boy Have Another Chance #BringAmirBack


Picture Courtesy: AFP

Conditions are favoring the batting side, there is a set batsman on the wicket who does not seems to be in the mood of losing wicket any time soon. Bowler comes in pitches the ball on the leg stump right a few inches before the front foot, batsman goes for the half flick but pace deceives him. Ball went on to nudge the off stump, the set batsman is out!!!

If you are a cricket fan and like to visualize such paragraphs and lines then you surly have visualize the famous near to ball of century by Wasim Akram to Rahul Dravid during a test match in 1999. Yes the very ball that steer through the wall and caused a dent in the batting line of India. Well you visualize it correct, may be, but the above paragraph is refereeing to the famous and much talked about scene from Bangladesh Premiere League when set and in form Shahid Afridi was removed by Mohammad Amir with a clone of Wasim Vs Dravid 1999.


Mohammad Amir has always been a poster boy of Pakistan cricket, and upon his return to domestic cricket he has proved that he certainly means business as he has not lost his touch. Same pace, same swing, same sharp mind of bowling according to the field. He indeed has become what many expected him to be at the age of 23 when he was only 18 years old. He had a return of Sherlock Holms like return to cricket and he has his game stats to speak volume. In 17 matches at the average of 9.88 wickets per game he has picked up 168 wickets.

Amir’s entry to international cricket came as a surprise as just before World T20 2009 PCB and Shoaib Akhtar had another episode of their love hate relationship as a result the Rawalpindi Express was suspended to go to England and another “Pindi Boy” was included in the side. He made his presence felt from the very first assignment he was the one who sent Man in man of the series like form back to pavilion on a duck in the final of Wt20 at the Lords, by the way Amir is the latest Pakistani bowler who has his name on the visitors’ pavilion wall at the Lords. During champions’ trophy 2009 his leg cutter to Sachin was good enough to tell ‘the lord of cricket’ that the dawn has arrived. The poster boy was the face of Pakistani bowling in England during ‘home series’ against Australia. And then came the hiccup, The Oval which has been revered as the high point of Pakistan cricket, from the famous The Oval test of 1950s, became the lowest point of Pakistan cricket too when the captain of Pakistan cricket team and his two ace pacemen where caught in spot fixing.

Unlike his fixing fellows he admitted his mistake/crime completed his full punishment had dirt on his name quietly (without being a guest on TV shows as expert on cricket) waited for the moment when he can set his foot back in to the cricket ground. And when he eventually came back to cricket Amir proved that he deserves another chance and all that #BringBackAmir campaign was way more worthwhile than #BringBackSami campaign.

The poster boy from Pindi made a mistake, faced the ban, completed his punishment, face wrath of spectators, after all this even God forgives then why some of us are trying to play God? There is no point in keeping oneself held in the past as the past we are glued to isn’t bright what actually bright is I the fact of 168 wickets in just 17 matches taken by the very own Mohammad Amir. Having him back in playing XI will not only help us in present but also might aspire many fast bowlers in future like Fazal, Imran, Wasim, Waqar, and Shoaib did. We need our poster boy back we need the face of Pakistani pace of current era back #BringAmirBack.


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