Education and Peace


Education is the key to uniting nations and bringing peace in societies. Societies suffer because of violent conflicts and war in many parts of the world. It is important to recognise that education has a very important role in building a peaceful world.

A penal discussion will be held on the role of education in the creation and maintenance of peaceful societies at the School of Tomorrow (SOT) Festival 2015, which will be held at Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi on November 28-29, 2015.

Peace and education go hand in hand in a civilized world. A civilization cannot be progressive without education and no education system can be called truly civilizing unless it is based on the universal principles of peace.

Education should help in acquiring values and knowledge. It should develop skills, attitudes and behaviours of people so that they live in harmony. Educated people should, be way of being more knowledgeable, desire peace and peaceful means of conflict resolution. Education gives people about human rights, tolerance of diversity and gender equality.

The panel will also discuss problems faced by schools in providing a safe and secure learning environment to its students.

Creating a classroom where students have mutual respect makes teaching easy as well as effective. Classroom environments where students feel secure are the ones in which they learn the most. Students need to feel safe in order to learn and they need to feel secure in order to want to participate.

However, it is not just the classroom that needs to be safe. Thought should also be given to the environment of the school, beyond the classroom.

At the SOT Festival, the panel will also examine transformational educational experiences to develop values, attitudes and behaviours for youth to live in harmony.

Apart from this, the two-day SOT Festival titled School of Tomorrow: The End of Education?* (*as we know it) will also look at the growing influence of art, culture, media, technology and geopolitics on the future of education.

This event is open to public and will feature interactive panel discussions, workshops, interviews, celebrity conversations, cultural performances, FULL STEAM (an interactive science and art exhibition), theatre production, short film screening, robotics workshops, storytelling, concert and more.


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