Azlan Ka Review – Amir khan the face of Pakistans energy drink sting #StingCHallenge

Amir khan the face of Pakistans energy drink sting #StingCHallenge

Amir khan the face of Pakistans energy drink sting #StingCHallenge

The one reason for sports oriented movies end up doing great is that they infuse a passion in the viewer they motivate the viewer to bring about a positive change in them. This change can even be smallest one, take for example listening to the OST ‘Hearts on fire’ from Rocky IV can push me to run an extra kilometer on the jogging track. From a social media junkie point of view I can say that video clips featuring training or motivational speeches from such films end up harnessing millions of views on YouTube and other websites of this sort. And the reason for this phenomena is the ability of such videos to tickle our instants of passion and motivation.

Earlier this week I ended up landing on one such video, it was not a Hollywood film, or a clip of training from one such flick. It, however, was an online video produced by PepsiCo for their flagship energy drink STING. Talking about the quality of the video, concept, and sound this video simply qualifies as one of the best promotional video ever shot for Pakistani audience.

The video features none other than WBC Silver Welterweight champions Amir Khan. Khan can be seen preparing for a boxing fight, going through a training sequence and then wearing his red cape while approaching towards the thing Amir “King” Khan holds a bottle of sting. Everything was in its right format and having a professional boxer in the video makes it all looks natural as the most important thing in such videos is face expression of the Subject in that, by all means Khan and Team Sting nailed it pretty well.

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In our country where idea of energy drink is still relatively new and not many people are still very comfortable about a carbonated energy drink. That leaves PepsiCo to a big challenge of positioning their brand of energy drink Sting correctly. Sting, the only official energy drink of Pakistan is heading on this challenge very well and they are tapping into the alternate sports section. Sting is tapping into the passion and agility oriented sport where one is in direct contact with the opponent, in a contest where energy is a must to win.

Sting has successfully executed this, first by bringing the boxing world champion Amir Khan on board and putting him in the ring in one of its kind meet and greet event in Lahore. Sting and Amir did not rest there, the WBC champion Amir Khan announced that he is up for a #StingChallenge and this video seems to be the official announcement of that. So far the idea of boxing and energy drink going hand in hand is working very well and making quite a noise around, let us see what this combination has to bring next.

The verdict about the video considering recording, sound, model, concept, brand positioning, and execution is 4.0/5 where 0.5 is for my bias towards boxing related videos (too big of Mohammad Ali and Rocky fan, so can’t help)


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