Beaconhouse ready to change educational landscape with IBDP in Pakistan

IBDP wheel

Beaconhouse is a name that does not need any introduction when it comes to educational horizons of Pakistan. It is a school system that has always strived for bringing best practices and programs of education in Pakistan. Keeping up with the tradition, Beaconhouse has now started offering will be offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in five authorised IBDP schools across Pakistan starting September 2015. This makes Beaconhouse the forerunner in launching a network of authorised IB schools in Pakistan.

The IBDP is being offered by Beaconhouse at its TNS campus, Gulberg campus in Lahore, the PECHS and Defence campuses in Karachi and the Margalla campus in Islamabad.

What is IBDP?

The IBDP is a two-year educational programme, comparable (in terms of number of years) to the A Level, for students aged 16 to 19. IBDP is a challenging new option for students who have completed their schooling (Matriculation or O Levels). IBDP offers an internationally acknowledged qualification for admission into higher education, and is favored by many top universities worldwide.

Learning experience and advantages of IBDP

The IB learning experience inspires marching out of content limits and identifies real life applications. IB offers the students self-expression and provides them the freedom to choose, discover and invest in their potential.

Contrasting to the national curriculum, IBDP is recognized as front-runners in developing worthy teaching and learning practices and in education. It inspires students to think further than their instantaneous atmosphere.

IBDP at Beaconhouse

Beaconhouse is very enthusiastic about the impact the IBDP going to have educational landscape of Pakistan.

The IBDP inventiveness empowers students who are so tending to work within a research and inquiry-based structure that can be the best preparation higher education anywhere in the world.

Beaconhouse IBDP campuses are accepting applications for admissions, on condition that the students meet the qualifications and have the obligatory aptitude for IBDP. In order to test this aptitude, not only candidate’s academic performance is analyzed but also it is observed that how skilled they are in terms of extracurricular activities.


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