We shall rise…. Your fragile support is not needed

We shall rise…. Your fragile support is not needed.

O Captain, My Captain

I was in my usual calm reading some book, sitting crossed legs, and sipping some coffee when I was pounced upon. The whole bunch of friends was asking that how can I be so insane, unpatriotic, and be so happy over Pakistan losing two games in a row especially losing to India should have shaken my emotions. They were right, I was absolutely relieved and I had a reason for that. Losing to India, and later losing to West Indies, was good in a sense that now it was clear that who was real and di hard fan of Pakistan cricket and who was a seasonal fan (what we call colloquially a broiler fan or a Vanaspati ghee fan).

It is not the fault of “fans” who have hailed during last decade, they are raised listening to the great stories of what our team was back in 1990s. Perhaps one of the problem with us is that we are like all other walks of life in cricket too are held and stuck with past our bench mark is 1990 or more specifically 1992. Like everything even in supports when a nation or group is stuck with past it stops accepting the present and is not ready to accept change. Same is happening to us and our cricket team.

As I was saying this new breed of fans have yet to see a lot to become what is called real fans. They have no idea that how hard it was to go out of house in 1996 when the team from “glorious time” from past lost in the quarterfinal it was on hell of a task to come out of nightmare of Bangalore. These fans have no idea how was it to lose a test match to Zimbabwe in Pakistan. These fans have no idea what it is like to see team playing under extreme hostility in an Indian ground. They have no clue what it takes to collect shattered dreams of 1999 and move on. They grew up listening to tales of old time and they want team to play like a superhero all the times.

Yes team is not playing well, yes we have shortcomings, and yes team is disappointing right now but that does not give anyone right to bring claims of corruption without any proof. Our trust deficit is so thick that anything that is not in line to our mood in cricket we slap the sticker of “fixed” across its face. Interestingly this all hue and cry is done on social media which is pretty much public platform and every act of ours can be translated whatever the way recipient of the message like it. For instance see the screenshot below. Have we had any idea that how it will be taken and the whole nation can be declared fixer just because of our few words key punched in outrage:


Outrage is natural and it is good to have it sometimes as it shows that you are alive but it does not give you right to cross the limit of decency. And if you have to cross it then stop calling this nation and this country one of the best in the world because it is discipline and attitude towards facing failure is what define a team, a group, a person, and a country.

Since I am a 1990s kid I leave you all with this wonderful song of one of the iconic bands of Pakistan Vital Signs, take a listen carefully to the line, “Haro gy tabhi tum ko maza aaye ga jeet ka”. And as far as the pseudo support of all of you Vanaspati supporters it is too fragile that we would need it… we shall rise because it is inevitable.


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