Ground is the best place to give answer not social media


And the big daddy of all cricket game ended leaving Pakistani fans sad, well its quite ironic that even after six defeats we still have problem to stomach it, it is more ironic that here in Pakistan we are now very much used to atrocities like terrorism and blasts but still not able to handle losing to India with a dignity and grace. Yes rivalries are like that and they are sometimes insane, but then again the question is that what is more important being disciplined and dignified or being totally insane and spreading insanity in the name of passion and love of game and country.

The sanity, particularly, I am pointing towards is the one started almost two weeks ago when Star Sports launched Pakistan Vs. India ad campaign with a bit of satirical ad which was in good humor if one has a normal sense of humor. Rather than taking that ad as a joke we Pakistani fans made it matter of pride, it is pretty saddening that there are many other issues (state of education for instance) that should tickle our sense of pride but it only awakes at such needles times.

In the reply of that ad media and social media were hand in hand to showcase our insanity and unawareness. Rather than waiting for the right time to reply it in the ground with better game we tried to outshine with videos, Facebook & twitter updates, and blog updates with, sorry to say, bad humor.

Honestly speaking, looking at our childish and immature behavior over one simple TVC I was genuinely expecting Pakistan to lose it and lose it with not much of face saving. For the proof I am sharing the screen shot of what I wrote on Facebook before Indo-Pak clash started in Adelaide Oval.

The worst thing this hyper activism does is that all it needs is one defeat to prick the whole bubble of hope. Yes Pakistan lost again to India in world cup but one day is not a whole season we should move on as India played well to win, one day we will play better and win it that’s how ODI and cricket works records are their waiting to be broken. However, to reach a point where records are made all it need is patience, practice and a sensible support.

Rather than losing hope after one defeat we should revisit the strategy of supporting our team may be we are putting extra pressure on them while men in green are already under huge pressure due to recent ODI form. We the supporters need to hold the horses of #WeWillTakeItBack and move back to #WeWillNeverForget (if we still remember what does that mean). Support the team with grace and dignity and do no abuse it after they lose because that is the time when team needs the support the most and that is the time when character of a nation can be seen and defined.

There is freedom of choice raving for “phorh dey” or behaving like a “dignified supports”.

 This piece was originally written for Cricnama English and Urdu published under my Cricket Column “Sharp Spin”



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