Dawat e Ishq wasted a good topic and Sonam was the beast in Khubsoorat

khoobsurat-and-daawat-e-ishqIf you follow Anupam Kher on twitter then you must have seen gazillion tweets being retweeted by that account and all of them are head over heels in the praising of “Dawat-e-Ishq”. And all those tweets are praising performance of Anupam Kher. Well there is no doubt about him being a brilliant actor but this wasn’t the best of his, looks like those kids on twitter hasn’t watch him in Ram Lakhan, Tezab, or Lamhe in fact there is a long list. Dawat-e-Ishq is not as brilliant film as it was received and what reason I think for that response is if I state it I will definitely be declared as a bigot.


Dawat-e-Ishq is an example of a film that successfully wasted a great topic or concept. Dowry is a good topic to work on but film completely wasted it in order to add Massla to it.


Yes music of the film was better than the other film released on the same day but again pasteurization of “Mannat” was a great disappointment because the kind of feel audio of that song gives was completely absent in the visual version of it.


Parineeti Chopra in my opinion need to reconsider her choice of films because it’s her third film in a row which was some way or the other similar or at least her role and acting was monotonous. While other new faces like Sonakshi with “Lootera” and Alia Bhatt with “Highway” have done experiment and showed that those girls can actually act in fact they can act really well. Something that Parineeti should consider to survive in a longer run.


Now comes to “Khoobsurat” well it is exactly as dome one summarised it that Fawad Khan is khubsoorat and Sonam Kapoor was beast. First of all you cannot compare this Khubsoorat with the 80s one there was nothing similar in it, story was all royal and princely because it was produced by Disney.

Sonam completely over done it in her attempt to do Rekha. Rekha was bubbly someone who is trying to have fun with a grace however the Dr Chokerborti that Sonam played was more of ill-mannered than khubsoorat (beauty),  too loud too annoying who has no clue that there is difference in being funny and pain in the arse.


Film sums up quite quickly without anyone having any miserable death, hero killing dozens of goons, or a signature bollywood melodrama. The real life line of the film wasn’t Fawad, yes he became the USP of it but the real life to the film was added by the role of Manju portrayed by Kirron Kher. If she have had not played that role film would have been utterly boring or simply a three hours long visual promotion of Skype and Apple’s hand held devices. And honestly speaking only Kirron Kher can pull a roll of such loud Punjabi Mom’s character.


I actually liked Khubsoorat more than Dawat e Ishq it has nothing to do with the Pakistani element in the former, in fact it had, with all of his flaws,that Disney Pictures’ charm that makes one watch the film over and over again. On the other hand Dawat e Ishq wasted a good topic and also failed to be funny enough they way they tried it to be. In the battle of Kher vs Kher Kirron Kher wins this one.

541c169371e28Sonam Kapoor Khoobsurat posters-001In the end I would love to mention my observation about Sonam Kapoor in Khubsoorat. While the outfits and over all looks of Fawad Khan were completely classy the wardrobe of Sonam Kapoor was more of tribute to Govinda as only he can pull so many colours in one dress. Also we all know that Sonam is still Daddy’s (Anil Kapoor) little girl but Anil Kapoor Films should realise that given 90% of the film time to the screen presence of Sonam Kapoor wont make her good actress in fact that will highlight how bad actress she is and how much effort she puts in her bad acting.


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