Types of iPhone Fanboys in Pakistan


Country is under the flood threats again the furious waves are slashing everything that is coming in the way, there is turmoil like situation due to the political temprature in the capital city for last one month almost. But if you have a couple of Apple iPhone users or “Apple Fanboys” in your facebook or other social media list you will see them worried about one thing only these days. And that one thing is the unveiling of next iPhone; iPhone 6 that is being revealed today. I have been observing Apple users for past many years (four years to be exact) so tried to sum up the types of apple users (its better you read it as iPhone/Apple fanboys) you can find in Pakistan or among Pakistanis.

1.     How dare you:


Although most of the Apple fanboys you see around are snobbish but this is an interesting case. Every time you come up to them with something non iPhone thing the response from them is a big “how dare you look”. For instance if you are seeking charger for your non iPhone mobile phone and by mistake you ask them just be ready for “(how dare you!!!) I am an iPhone user. Eh!”

2.     The ultimate guardians


Well to be protective about what you have is a good thing and one must protect all the valuable belongings one posses. But there is always a decent way to protect your value able belongings, for instance your iPhone. In case of Pakistani iPhone fanboys expect their iPhone to be caged in shoddy looking protecting covers that, if asked, even late Steve Jobs will die again while trying to recognize the poor machine “under cover”.

3.     Apul iz Luv you knw!giphy

Interestingly these are the fanboys who have only used one apple product in their whole life and perhaps no practical clue about other apple products but once you talk to them they can craft and deliver an hour long lecture on the preeminence and efficiency of all the apple products. In fact they will give you a robust sermon about the productivity of iPhone but the reality might be that the only “productive” thing they do is to play “Candy Crush” on it.

4.     Ah only I am an HC phone user


Yes they are the only ones who belong to high class and use high class phones that is why they like to treat other prominent brands like Samsung as fake brands as a Chinese copy. Tough the term “iOS” itself sounds bit depressing but they will make sure to look down upon poor Android users as if android users are from untouchable class. These are the real cult Apple fanboys and in Pakistan they are such a die-hard fans of Apple and Steve Jobs that if they ever get chance they will for sure start celebrating annual “Uras” of Hazrat Steve Jobs Rehmat Ullah Aleh.

5.     Members of extended family


This is, however, an appreciable kind or trait among iPhone users. In this world where individualism is increasing iPhone users have managed to form a virtual family of iPhone users around the globe. Not just that they have serious extraterrestrial bond with other iPhone users.

6.     Selfie bombers


Do not confuse it with the regular photo bomber because it is about an iPhone user and an iPhone user can be anything but a regular person, mind it. In one liner you can describe them as if you are an iPhone user the habit of clicking and uploading selfies is far more out of control than ever.

7.     iPhone is centre of gravity


This type of iPhone users make sure that you do not miss out the fact that Apple almighty’s biggest favour towards humanity is iPhone. Therefore, no matter you are talking about the political tension in Islamabad or the flood threats in Pakistan they will drag you down to the “signature fact” that iPhone is “too cool to handle”.

8.     If you don’t have it you don’t have it.


It’s simple if you do not have an iPhone you do not have an iPhone therefore you have not reached to the level of intellect where you can have a healthy conversation with them. You just cannot understand the superiority unless you have tasted it.


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