The #HelixUniDrive takes winners to the Malaysian Grand prix!

The #HelixUniDrive

The #HelixUniDrive – Bringing motorsport to Pakistan – Takes #HelixUniDrive winners to the Malaysian Grand prix!

The recently concluded helix university drive had its grand finale at the Lahore Auto Show 2014, with the top 9 drivers from the top 9 universities in Pakistan in a head-to-head challenge. The winning team, from GIKI, won the top prize – a group trip to the Malaysian grand prix!The #HelixUniDrive The team have recently attended the Malaysian Grand Prix and met with the crew of one of the most famous f1 racing teams in history. Here is a pictorial tribute! Exodus Racing on their way to the Malaysian Grand Prix. It was one fast paced trip! Not without its own moments of thrills! – Pictured with Zain Rahman and 4 others at Jinnah International Airport. The #HelixUniDrive Meeting Fernando Alonso and the Ferrari Pit crew! – The team on their journey! #GIKI #HelixUniDrive #Chilling – pictured with Zain Rahman and 4 others at Ferrari F1 Garage, Malaysian Grand Prix. The #HelixUniDrive RACEDAY! Walking out on track with the Pakistan colors! Exodus Racing from #GIKI represents Pakistan at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia.


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