Who will rule the world #WT20

What is Sharp Spin???

The biggest fun fare of T20 cricket started a few days ago; the most exciting tournament of international cricket is taking place in Bangladesh and so far has featured qualifying matches for the super 10 round. Indeed, we can say that the real action will flinch in today when ‘the big daddy of all cricket matches’ is going to happen.

The arch-rivals Pakistan and India are going to collide and put fans on the edge of their seats, many nails are going to be out of shape after the three hours match. Here I should declare that topic of this post is not Pakistan and India game only, therefore I shall use this fact as full stop that Pakistan never won against India in world cup but has never lost a game on Friday against it.

The topic that is going to open the innings of this column is “Who Is Eventually Going to Win the Ongoing World Cup?”

Cutting long story short it will be Sri Lanka, having said that I will be the happiest if Pakistan wins it in the end.

Why am I saying Sri Lank? Is it because of Asia Cup result?

Well somehow, yes.

Asia cup result is one of the litmus test but it cannot be the only yardstick to measure as participating teams of Asia cup will be a changed unit in this expedition for instance Dhoni leading Team India will be a huge change factor.

There has always been a fallacy about T20 being a batsman’s game only. It is because of the fast pace of run scoring requirement make batsman blast-off an ambush against bowlers which gives them an advantage of disturbed line and length of bowler. Nevertheless the fact also records that even in these state of affairs the bowler who stick to the line and length with a strong and operative head eventually lead team to success, five wickets plus hauls of Gull and Malinga anyone?

Indeed batting line is very important and key factor in winning the cup, line-ups like India and in form Australia can cause damage. However, here is the role of Mother Nature that involves itself in the equation. We know that cricket is one of the sports that are very much influenced by the weather and playing conditions, perhaps this game has been affected the most by it as compared to other sports.

The kind of tracks and environment Bangladesh is going to offer will definitely help the batsman more than the bowlers. We have seen the glimpse in the Asia Cup where bowlers were totally helpless and clueless.

In such conditions and particularly in T20 cricket it becomes duty of bowling side to equate the balance as batsman are going to milk the situation and keep scoring.

There is a term in local cricket of Lahore to describe a certain kind of bowling, “Keechi Meechi Bowling”, trust me it’s easy to snap walnut from palm than translating this but still the closest translation can be “odd bowling”. The team offers more odd and unique kind of bowlers get to win the match by mystifying batsman and containing runs. This kind of bowing is bit different to contemporary specialised way of bowling i.e. regular fast bowler, medium fast bowler, or a spinner (leg, or off). This Odd bowling is the combination of all the bowling verities or at least most of them in one bowler i.e. someone who can run a distance and yet manage to bowl a spinner with a proper flight, or bowling both leg spin and off spin frequently with same bowling action.

Observing the Sri Lankan team, they have not one, not two, in fact number of such bowlers in their quiver. Sri Lankan batting has always been resilient and famous for keeping up with run rate even with loosing wickets. Above all the Sri Lankan captain is young, forward looking and aggressive in nature who plays to win not to escape the defeat. In addition, he knows how to use his bowlers and when. Winning record in T20s since last world cup also indicates the consistency team Sri Lanka has shown.

So precisely in my opinion the most favourite team for this tournament is Sri Lanka, considering their Batting, bowling options, past record, playing conditions, and their captain. On the ending note, I wish luck to team Pakistan for their expedition.


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