Generation entrepreneur: Lisa Huang at TEDxTableMountain

Lisa Huang is the founder of Food and Chatter, a start-up designed to connect people through shared culinary experiences. Born in the heart of Taiwan’s food capital, Tainan city, she believes that food is the common language we all speak and a catalyst for change. As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), Lisa has lived in Taiwan, Singapore, China, United States, Peru, Costa Rica, and now South Africa. Her travel experiences fuelled her curiosity for human connections across linguistic, cultural and social class barriers. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Lisa began her career at Morningstar Inc, a global investment research firm headquartered in Chicago. In 2010, Lisa relocated to Cape Town, Morningstar’s first African office, as Head of data operations. She continues to enjoy healthy debates about Economics, and is the current president of EY Toastmasters Club.


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  1. Peter Carlsson

    TED talks are great. I watch them all the time. Thanks for sharing this one.

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