The long cold nights of January


There isn’t any way for heart’s recreation
Nights of January are long and cold
I flick through the pages of my past
And have a deep breath.
How can I put my heart back on track
What excuse I have to forget her
After everyone is lost in soothing dreams
Then sleep comes to my eyes
Someone comes in seeing me asleep
And embraces me gently
I see it when I wake up
I see a cruel in my lap
But I find myself all alone
A few moments later I sleep again
I see some one in dream this time
I recognise it’s you this time
You run far away from me
Leaving sorrow and miseries for me
Once I loved you ages ago
You also had reverence for me
Then suddenly something happend one day
We stopped seeing each other
It’s been long time since we last met
You misunderstood so did I
It was a small thing but it lasted long
I started to regret it soon
I am sure you also felt the same
The dessert of separation was to be traveled
I found hope in the form of a guide
The hight of my courage is still the same
I really want to check
Where our caravan camped
May be that house is still empty
Come and stay in my moist eyes
Come and live in that empty house
I muster up courage and innitiate
But one thought frightens me too
You will reject my invitation
If you say no I will conclude
I have covered my whole journey
I have remained that i lost.


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