What Should Be On Last Slide Of The Presentation?


I had to make a corporate presentation this morning. The whole stuff was ready to go but there was no last side. Like my blog posts my short stories, or other articles I struggled with “happy ending” here as well. Time was running out so only option available was to create a storm in the mind palace. When the storm was done and dusted I got the following ideas or tips that I realised can be helpful and benchmark/template while making last slide of any presentation.

Contact details:

You can use your contact details to fill the blank slide and make it serve the purpose. You can put:

  • Email Address (this is an “of course” thing it has to be there when we are talking about contact)
  • The web site
  • Major Social Media Contact details
    • Personal website or blog (if you have one)
    •  Facebook page and Twitter address of your organisation

Thank you

Thanking the audience is very important and it is courteous as well, because most of the time you have no idea how much they actually suffer while you are presenting. Therefore, out of common courtesy it is good and very much polite that you end your slide by thanking the audience. Having said that you do not have to be super genius to figure out that how you actually do that. Just two simple words “thank” and “you” in the middle of last slide can save your day.

Q&A Session

This world and life is all about “what goes around comes around”, same simple phenomena works in presentations too. It is not necessarily that every time audience is at the suffering end sometimes you can also have your fair share in that too. Therefore, if you are ready to suffer and ready for them to take revenge for their suffering then you can invite the audience for a Q&A Session. Rather than making things more complex just write “Any Questions?” and face the music.

The Core Message

There are many, including myself, who is interested in the crux of the matter rather than a whole long story. So helping such audience is also your duty as a presenter because some of them might have found your presentations so soothing that they fell asleep and to catch it up they need a short summery. You can use or add one-liner summary, an image, graph, or anything that can sum up and explain everything about the presentation.

All in one

There is no rulebook that stops your last slide from being an all-rounder, last slide of the presentation, by all means, can accommodate all the above options. Just follow an appropriate order. Start with the summery, followed by invitation for question and answer, thanking line for the audience, and in the bottom of the slide, you can put your contact information if it sounds appropriate.

In my case “thank you” served my day, but you are not that lucky all the times.

Till next time,



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