Voter is not “that” uneducated.

There lack of formal education is termed as illiteracy but that does not make someone uneducated. While considering Pakistan or any other country most of the experts ignore couple of factors on ground while making a comparison. I.e. in case of Pakistan there is a wast majority of people who do not have formal education but they can not be termed as illiterate there is a factor of street smart which is very strong.
Another thing quite deep rooted in Pakistan is the romance with discussing politics no matter where you are it somehow comes in the discussion and even before the media such sittings have been a awareness source of not so educated. Education indeed is an important factor and indeed it is solution of our all the problems but when talking about it one should not ignore the factor of informal education.
As far as election goes in a democratic environment everyone gets a fair and equal chance and to let the things evolve and fix themselves a process demands continuity. Having said that education does play role in better decision making but education of voter is one out of many important factors.


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