In reply to – Of Bullet-Proof Shields and Tests of Courage

I have said that many times that as a nation we have absurd issues with our priorities. We want a leader who is “brave” but we don’t want him to take “bold” steps. You mentioned BB and bilore sb but let me remind you what happened to our very first prime minister. Bullets and politics of hatefulness and been part of our politics even since pakistan want there and recently in the available variety we have new addition s of flavours like extremism and terrorist activities The vulnerability has reached to its peak.
There is a bleak difference between brave and stupid and normally we can not judge the difference. We as a nation are in the romance of color red the red of blood and the blood that is certainly not ours others is fine for us. The bullet proof glass discussion reminds me a column written by Mr dildar pervaiz Bhatti on the death of Mr rajiv Gandhi. During boyhood days when I read the book of Mrbhati it made sense to me but today I find it a bit absurd and a reference point of what general popular opinion is. The bravery of a soldier and a politician is as different as their duties and missions. The bravery of a political leader lies in his break free ideas and bold goals but we as a nation seldom give any worth two the bravery of thought beating ideas of fear. No doubt we are under the influence of shady priorities.

(these words were written as comment on Hafsa Khwaja’s Blog Post)


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