I am with you like a feeling


I am with you, just lijke a feeling.
i only have kne thing to say,
if you ever miss me,
if i haunt you in lonely nights.
when butterflies and fireflies stop playing
when no one listens to you
your friends and your companions
Leave you
and you fell fed up of this all.
when your own fight with yourself
make you tired.
and you feel like crying in loneliness.
just close your eyes and recall me.
speak with my imagination
whatever you want to.
my shoulder can soak your tears
as much you want.
And when its time for me to go back,
you can also join your world again.
But j have to say that
remember no matter if its good time or bad
You will find me with you
whenever you will call me from your heart
I am with you like a feeling.


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Filed under English Poems

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