No Space For Further Burials by Feryal Ali Gauhar – ebook

No Space For Further Burials

Download Link: No Space For Further Burials

Rabab Khan reviewed it in following words:

This book has a lot of suffering, and I mean a lot. Although the fact that it is based in Afghanistan during the attacks of 2009 should have prepared me for the depressing narrative, I still found myself not wanting to read further after half an hour.

Of course I knew what I was in for before I started reading, but the suffering just goes on and on until it becomes a bit boring. *Gasp* Yes, boring.

The author, probably, wanted to drive home the extent of the pain these people were going through but halfway through the book, I reached a point where I felt like saying, “Okay, I get it, can we move on now?”

She does have a good way with describing the people, places and the touch and feel of things. The atmosphere of fear and despair; the utter hopelessness of living on and through it all, the very human will to live – all this has been presented quite vividly.

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