The Last and Final Blog Post



It is half past ten (GMT) in the evening and I am in my “beloved” mega bus coach heading to Newport. If all the drama and anticipation about the Mayans’ calender and end of the world on 21st of December is true then I am just at an arm length to see end of the world. So as I was saying if world is ending on 21st December which is tomorrow for me consider this my last blog post. I am writing this on my phone that is why there are going to be lots of mistakes in spellings grammar and many badly structured sentences. But who cares as world is ending now. So let me utilize this opportunity to repent on all the mistakes I have made and I want to say a collective sorry to all those people who have been harmed by me. Using my blog because if I do it personally Then this list of 234,765 sorries will be covered nearly after a year of this end of the world. In my life I misstated my real age in my documents but that is not my fault and those who arrested responsible for this I am no one to ask for the explanation. I have lied to many cheated many and yes when took those two steps how could I avoid stealing, yes been there done that. Tonight I cant even remember all those things that I wanted to recall at this glorious moment may be it is the effect of the destructive scenes from the film 2012. I have one hard feeling, if it really the end, one third of my friends are married, and nearly same number of my friends are officially engaged, remaining are either committed or have a relationship now all left is me my self and I who I think washers in this world for the cultivation of chickpeas only. Seriously never got married never had a girl friend and now going to see end of the world in very “dry” manner. Jokes apart when I look at the end of the world I feel it is not only about floods and global destruction if someone dies today it’s an individual end of the world for him. And death is a reality after all and if I die on this day I will see my end of the world it won’t matter if whole world end today or after another million years. But that is for if I or someone else dies today for the rest of the world my faith and my knowledge tells that if there Isaac doomsday then it is not today because still there are so many prophecies have to come true. You guys still have time to see this world turning into a bitter and worst place with every bad incidence. You still have time to enjoy such news and incidence with a dead heart hoping it won’t happen to us. Therefore enjoy your stay. Date is about to change in matter of about 40 minutes so good night world! if its not the end for either you or me, will see you again. And if not consider this my last and final blog post Goodbye!!!


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