Blog Action Day – Power and Responsibility of WE


Contributing to the debates and sharing my ideas has always been my favourite activity ever since I have joined the online world many years ago. Initially it was on different online forums and later on I made my own blog in the later 2005 or early 2006. Since then my blog has been a place where I share my ideas, my views, and my attempts of writing poetry and short stories etc. Back in Punjab University days when “Hailey Commerce Club” was started in Hailey College of Commerce creating Blog was my idea to store and share the information that we mine from the information sources and share it with club members. In 2009, I started working on my favourite brain child –, a blog, a project, and a place online that reminds me sense of responsibility that I have towards my country.

I started that with the aim of highlighting the social issues we have, share my opinion over the political developments, celebrate the success of my country in the areas of sports, technology, development, and above all create a positive image of my country over the web.

After all these years and so many blog posts I do not know to what extent I have been able to achieve the above stated tasks abut I am very much sure that in past six years of blogging especially since started I have learnt a lot. I got a lot of exposure and I became more social then I was before, while gaining it all, the attempt to follow the goals was always there.

One of my favourite blogger once said to me, “there is nothing like icon, or guru when it comes to bloggers community, we are all bloggers one for all and all for one”. That is a very clear glimpse of power of we concept. Over the years I have seen many examples globally where the bloggers implemented the “power of we” and achieved the goals. Many times such achievements have been beneficial for the whole society in a broader scale. The Arab Spring has been a one big example where this power made powerful dictators start losing their shallow power.

When it comes to Pakistani blogosphere, it is asked many times why there hasn’t been anything like Arab spring here? From where I can see is that we had our spring and uprising back in 2007 when a dictator tried his hands on Supreme Court and created an uprising that eventually dictator had to step down from his position. During that time main stream media was banned, the social media became the medium of information spread and during that time many bloggers became superstar bloggers because of the work they did for the restoration of the judiciary.

There are so many examples but still it is a long way to go, when bloggers community unites to display “power of we” it can be effective but productive usage of this power is the real need of hour. Abuse of power has always been counter-productive, and on this blog action day that is my wish for all the bloggers around to know their role. We all do efforts and get some fruit out of it but the real deal is that this fruit is the outcome of sincere use of the power. And yes as we have attained “power of we” we also have “responsibilities of we” towards it.


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