A s if we dont have any problem in our own life that need our attention we are discussin lives of the others thinking we are expert over it is an obsession of almost all of us in our society. And more on that we always inclined towards negative side of the incident.We must try to sort out the stuff messed up in our lives first.On that that shadi mubarik to VJ Fuse (because that is the name of NW i became fan of) and Azfar.


Naveen Waqar – the femme fatale, gorgeous villain of the tele serial “Humsafar” that broke all success records and became a legend of Pakistani tv. Naveen left a mark as the ballistic, obsessed-with-Ashaar “Sarah”. But the delicate Naveen in interviews came across as quite the opposite of the psychotic Sarah……calm, elegant, pleasant. the proverbial “nice girl”.

She was next seen in Geo’s “Annie ki aayegi baraat” and the recent episodes showed her as the bashful bride.

And then, simultaneously, it happened! Firstly, hushed and cautious rumours and then full-fledged breaking news all over town.

Naveen had tied the knot with the known tv-anchor, actor and director Azfar Ali. What shocked the wits out of people was the fact that Azfar was already married to Salma Azfar, also a tv actress, for almost a decade, and has apparently divorced her before saying “I do” to the resplendent Naveen.

What followed was a frenzy of animated…

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