Ghar Yad Ata hay mujhy (I miss the home)


It’s been a happening day and just mike my normal Monday’s it started very early missed my 5 am bus to London and waited in rain and cold for the next bus. The driver was kind enough to allow me to sit in the 6 am bus on one condition that is to remove my Manchester United jacket as he was a chelsea fan. Office work and SEO lesson all went well but as soon as I was out of office I felt lonely.
It is strange that how one can feel lonely in city like London that is full of crowd. There were so many people around but I felt alone. A happening day turned into a sad evening and eventually I started to miss all those things I left in my home almost two years ago.
Now sitting at Victoria coach station waiting for my bus to Newport I am sitting when so many people are around but still feeling lonely and listening to a song that says all about my feelings.

those sunmer nights
those winter moments
pitcher of water and warmth of kitchen
that all pinches me
i start missing my home.
there should be a friend
that is all i want
i want to show him
that tree, that compound
my heart says me every day
i miss the home
the hearts i lived for many years
i had a part in those as mine
i want to live there again
i miss the home
i miss the home…
standing on the door steps
my trembling heart says
i learnt what is love from you
now i want to be loved too
dont punish me anymore
please pray for me
i have to go now…
i miss the home
i miss the home…
i miss the home.


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