Recalling Ahmad Rushdi Again (Re-plugged older post)

Two Years ago on this day I wrote/composed this post, today on the death anniversarry of Ahmad Rushdi somehow all these molidies are playing in head. He was a legend who will reamin ever green. Below is the text and playlist of two years old post that was written for My Land Pakistan
Last night when I got back home after my work, for many people it was weekend night but not for me due to the type of job I am in however when I logged in my twitter account there was a tweet by one of my green friend Ammar Haider, regarding the legendary singer Ahmad Rushdi. That tweet has made me recall all the classics and hits by Ahmad Rushdi. What an experience it was to listen these melodies therefore I decided to share some of my favorite songs by him to pay a tribute to an almost forgotten legend. One more thing in Urdu Films he was the voice of the super star Waheed Murad, even Waheed Murad said on the death of Ahmad that I have lost my voice now. The ever green song Ko Ko Korina was the first urdu pop song of Pakistan Hisory.
Ok enough form my side here are some golden hits of Ahmad Rushid:

this one is one of my most favorite 

(a perfect night time music)

Live Performances:  

there are alot more in my list but right now i think it is enoug for now some other day i will share some more of my favorite songs till than let me know how was these pieces out of my collection. and one more thing these songs are dedicated to Ammar Haider who make me recall all these songs and Yousuf Rafi who liked the songs i floated on twitter.


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  1. kulsoom

    Reblogged this on Soul of Life! and commented:
    Can’t get better collection than this. Remembering Sir Ahmed Rushdi today on his Death Anniversary. Pakistani Film Industry had lived a golden time and we must appreciate all the musicians and singers of that era who gave us these precious songs to stay in our lives forever.

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