Pakistan Day dinner organised by ISF-UK

Also Published at The News Tribe Blogs

There are few days and dates having special status in the calendar for nations. Such dates are called National day in general, Pakistan has three national days and one of them is celebrated on 23rd march it is called Yom e Pakistan (Pakistan Day) and another name of this day is Republic Day. The history of this day is 72 years old in 1940 a resolution in Lahore was passed in the annual meeting of All India Muslim League and that resolution became Pakistan Resolution for the years to come.

On this day, the decision was made to strive for a country and today the same country is looking for same determination to keep this country alive. This country is facing many problems but those in power cannot relate themselves to these issues. For this reason, people of Pakistan are looking for change and they are looking for a new leader with vision to put this country back on track.

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