One of the Most Unique New iPad Hands on Experience

There are different kinds of fans but when we observe and analyse them we can find one thing common that most of these fans and more specifically “fan boys” (honestly I do not want to sound like a sexist here) they are hardly rational about their icons and seldom make sense that why they like them the most. Being an observer of what is going around, I observe many fan boys and at the end of the day I feel pity for some. If I apply all of my wisdom, only if I have any, I can not understand why there are fan boys of Misbah ul Haq, Zardari, Musharaf, and list goes on.

Kill me if I sound offensive that somehow apple fan boys also come in that list. (most commont trait is that they are not ready to defend their icons even if there are evidence that “the icon” has made blunder)

Apple no doubt has revolutionized the way we use technology and created such a demand for their iPhone that people want to have it without even knowing if the really need it or not. Moreover, those loyal apple users are not ready to listen to anything other than apple, as it is almost blasphemy to compare apple with any other piece of technology. One of my own old saying applies here that one should adopt a technology after making sure that one REALLY needs it.
On Friday apple launched its “new iPad” publicly and I have been among the “chosen few” who had their hands on that “technological masterpiece”. What iPad is? how it works? and what great things are in its features? This blog post is not answering any of these questions as many have already written millions of word in praising iPad, and there are many videos reviewing it. Therefore, if you are interested in such information Google and YouTube are the place.
All I can say after playing with it for around 15 minutes that it is fast, it has its signature touch response, graphics are good in fact very good, but it is thicker and heavier than previous versions bigger battery to support its features. One more thing it heats up very quickly. These are the three things where my “none branded” tablet beats iPad. If you are, looking for thinner and lighter device iPad 2 is “the man” or if you want to enjoy graphics then “new iPad” is your toy.
Now the best moment of the whole hands on time. I went to apple store with my friends and while I was playing with iPad with so many people around who were busy in doing same thing a voice hit my listening sense. Soon I realised that my friend is trying to check video and sound quality of the machine. But “BANG” this was the time that I could not stand in the apple store anymore and I made my way out because the apple iPad in fact” new iPad” was producing the wonderful melody “pendi ay barsat wy…
I came out of apple store and never looked back. But my friend left a challenge for all the tech blogger while having hands on experience of new iPad just try to beat my friend and his choice.


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