To be (the) man

I have been a wresting fan throughout my childhood and teen age, Shawn Michaels and The Rock used to be my childhood and teenage heroes. After many year, if 22 years of life can be considered as MANY, I still watch WWE and I have no regret in declaring that I like this form of sports entertainment. This post has nothing to do with wrestling; in fact the only connection one can find is the famous line that says, “To be the man you gotta to beat the man”. In case, you do not know these are famous words of former 16 times world champion (So far he is the only wrestler who  held world title most of the times) Ric Flair.

It is one of the realities of life that we are, at every stage, competing. Sometimes we compete with others and sometimes with our own selves. There are achievers in every field and we can only gain the title of achievers by leaving them behind in this race. That is how one considered as “The Man”.

The reason for wasting time in writing above lines is to share an incident, an account of my own. Last week when I returned to Newport after finishing my Oxford tour, I resumed my job. There was good news waiting for me, on 2nd February I did something unthinkable. Well that was unthinkable for others who always doubt me for one deficiency of mine and over look my all other qualities (and somehow I am better than the others when it comes to these other qualities). Like every classroom, every workplace also have an under-ratted genius and I might sound rude or proud but I am the under rated genius of my workplace. My own efforts have less to do with that, as I know nothing is possible unless God has his will in it.

I passed KFC CHAMPS test on 2nd February. CHAMPS is an acronym of certain traits like cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, and speed of service (kill me if it is crime to not to know what M and P stands for). There are mystery shoppers who visit stores without any notice and test person at the front counter (or drive through) on the scale of CHAMPS.

This was my first experience to serve a mystery shopper and God knows who he was how was he looking but my report says that I scored 100% in that test without losing a single mark. I got this news late as I was away from the town, but I have been told, “It was a real jaw dropping moment for many, mate!”. I am thankful to God for the success he has given me, after that I am thankful to all those who congratulated me and sent best wishes. I have no other expressions other than blushing and feeling proud internally when I am being called as “Mr. 100%” (at times I feel a little disturbed too as our beloved president was once famous as Mr. 10%). Above all, I am thankful to my team leader who was running the shift that day.

My team leader was super excited on the remarkable success and he showed his sentiments by writing this on my report sheet. Yes now I have a certificate that I am a “MAN”.
 As if in past 22 years, I was sceptical about this fact. TL further told me that I also Rock well that is not news because I know that (yes I am that much indulge in Narcissism). Writing this whole account is not attended to be spill the poison out (if I have any) against my TL, or to make fun of his small mistake of omitting one part of speech. However, reason for writing this post is to keep record of the wonderful memories that might become a reason to smile when I look at them again after many years (life is condition for that). And I can tell others that how I became the “man”



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3 responses to “To be (the) man

  1. “at times I feel a little disturbed too”

    Hahahah! No need to feel disturbed, Rai. Congratulations on finally becoming a “man”. 😀

    You rawk!

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