Miracles on Regent Street – Treat for imagination

I love winter for one major reason and that it has long nights, which bring back book reading habits in me. Ever since I am herein UK, I am using libraries and they are my favourite place to be at when I have day off. Two weeks ago, “new book” section of local library was displaying a book “miracles on Regent Street”. I grabbed that book and start reading it while walking to my work. By the time, I reached my workplace I was on page 40. This is my parameter to check how interesting book actually is. It took me 12 days to finish reading all those 483 very well written pages by journalist turned writer Ali Harris.

The story revolves around Evie Tailor who works as a “stockroom girl” in departmental store in London known as Hardy’s. The store is going through tough times and about to be closed somehow ET know it and start to work in her best capacity to save the store, she becomes a secret Santa of the store because no one knows who is behind the new makeover one department after the other receives. With this story line, she meets a “prince charming” and this point adds another angle to the story, which adds rich flavour of love and romance in the story.

Book also features the life ET has other than store and her “American Prince Charming” and this feature includes her past breakup, her sister’s family with whom she lives and story of her parents. And trust me her sister, and parents bring the biggest twist to the story. All ends well with a happy conclusion where she manages to achieve her mission and find her real love of life.

I find this book interesting very well written, description of places give a treat to the imagination. Character sketching is another plus point of the book because it has been done with the great details even describing dresses of characters in every scene. Out of five, I give four to this book and I am really looking forward to the next pen work of Ali Harris.

I reviewed this book in my Urdu webcast, which can be seen below (sorry about the poor sound quality)


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