Afew days ago, someone asked me when there was no late night TVs,no computers, Laptops, and Smart Phones, what was the nighttime activity beforegoing to sleep. Reading books, or writing diary was my answer first that Ithought again as it was not an every night activity suddenly my old yellowwalkman came to my mind. With confidence I replied that listening to FM radiowas my late night activity, it was the right answer. that night I kept thinkingabout my relation with fm radio that started with that yellow walkman I got asgift in 1992 has reached to the point where I have become an RJ myself (not a regularone tough). In this relationship I became familiar with many names taking allof them will not be easy for me. This relationship became stronger in 2006 whenI moved from my walk man to my phone with FM radio. Moreover, in the summers of2007 when the never lasting series of load shedding started in Pakistan thisbond became even stronger. While preparing my exams radio was my company wholenight. 
One day as I was listening to radio in daytime when there was nosign of electricity and I had to deal with a pile of accounting assignments atthe same time a show caught my attention at Radio one FM 91. Initially Ithought that it is RJ Sofia from Karachi as I used to listen to her in nighttimetransmission. Later on I got to know it is not RJ Sofia it’s RJ Sophie. Since thenHead Over Heels is my part of life, and I am a diehard fan of this show. I usedto listen to it during my internship days when sorting boring papers in themorning until noon. Even I listened to it in the classroom thanks to my backbencherfriends. Last year when I moved here in Wales (UK), this show and Sophie didnot lose me as a listener. I still wake up early at least once a week to listento the show. 
Let me confess during my dissertation (thesis) writing days thisshow was re-energiser in the early hours of mornings after whole night study. Todaythis show celebrated its fifth anniversary and that somehow make me its listenerfor over 4 years now, have great memories attached to it. Answering to the topics,and getting shootouts especially the one I got on my birthday. I do notremember the reason but this show gave me name brown eyes, and it is totallyexclusive to this show now I do not use it at any other place now. This showgave me a good friend in the form of RJ Sophie, who have not only been among mymost favourite RJs but also one of my inspirations when I do my own (part time)radio shows.
I had no other medium in my mind other than this blog to wish avery Happy BIRTHDAY to HOH and Sophie. Wish you both all the best for comingtime keep rising and shining.

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  1. it was wonderful simple and sounding right from the heart. I enjoyed ur expression of thoughts and some how sahred the feelings for this show. Indeed she is doing a great job.I strongly believe that any thing from the heart always finds its way whether its a writing from miles or a show on FM 🙂 .. CHEERS

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