My Best Friend For Ever

When I look around, Isee
So many things I amblessed with.
Life is not same allthe times,
If there is sunshineone day, clouds or rain
Can be the flavour ofthe other day.
But I take them allas blessings.
So many blessings,
And I am very happywith them all.
Someone asked,
Among all theblessings
Which one I like themost?
I had a long list andI will not lie.
But your name my friendwas there.
One of the bestblessings in my life,
Is to have a friendlike you.
In good times or bad,you are always there,
For me you alwayssay,
“Let me know I will helpyou out”.
But I seldom getchance to help you,
As you, never ask forit.
We had arguments,
We had fights,
We disagreed.
Today, day isincomplete
Unless there is anargument with you.
But in the end westill have
Best wishes for eachother.
I do not know whowrote that
I can just say thathe wrote
Exactly what I feel.
“And I can think
Of nothing in life
That I could morewisely do,
Than know a friend,
And be a friend,
And love a friend…like you.”

This was written a few days ago as birthday gift for some one special in my life that we celebrated on 26th November.  i haven’t mentioned the name but I am sure my message have reached. i think poem is not enough therefore adding this most favourite song of mine. Especially for you Best friend and dont forget I REALLY HATE YOU 😛 



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3 responses to “My Best Friend For Ever

  1. and this is written for Our Friendship azlan 🙂 and that person is me 🙂 i will not say thanks. nice gift ever 🙂

  2. and yes i forgot to say 😀 I HATE you TOO 😛

  3. well if you liked it than where is my gift… yes i am that shameless 😛

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