The Beautiful Corridor of Sadness

I love autumn but I do not like the sadness it brings in it’s evenings. a few days back I clicked some pictures to capture the combination of beauty and sadness this season. Due to busyness these days I am hard at words do not have much time and words to write and express there fore taking help from the pictures I clicked


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One response to “The Beautiful Corridor of Sadness

  1. Zak

    I don't think anyone loves autumn as mush I do, but i have never been able to articulate what i feel for it. when the birds leave for the south, the crisp air, the beautiful fall color painted across, it's amazing time of the year but there is inexplicable sadness as leaves whisper the sound of the past and then the pain of loss and grief returns. maybe it's an integral part of the season, maybe without it, it wouldn't have been like the way it is….

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