Aapki Umangon Ka Tarjumaan… Rai Azlan… Rai Azlan

Pakistan Blog Awards is here again to showcase the best wok of bloggers in the bloggistan of Pakistan. Last year My Land Pakistan and I were nominated in the best individual blogger category. The love and support of you, yes you my readers made us the top visited voting profile and second most voted blog in the category. We did not make to win the award tough. However,the love and support you people showed is more important to me than an award.Human are greedy therefore the eagerness of winning the award is always there.This year this blog helped me in being nominated. Rai Azlan ka Blog make me nominated in the best direst category. However, my favourite brainchild is waiting to get nomination hope it will happen soon. I am not a politician therefore;I do not know how to ask for votes. Consider this post as a humble request for vote for me and Azlan Ka Blog for the best Diarist award 2011.
The voting process is simple just visit the link below and click on the 5 stars under my name wish me luck with a smile and pray for me.That is it, winning or losing is part of the game but I must assure you that your support and readership is more important to me.



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