The Toilet Story

That was an awesomehockey game, our university team did really well, tough we missed many shortcorners, anyways all is well if end is well’, that is what going on in hismind. ‘I just hope girls’ team do the same and send the guest team back homewith heavy feet and hearts’, he further expressed his opinion to himself. Hewas coming out of hockey ground where an inter university match took placebetween University of the West of England and University of Southampton, UWE won the game by 3-1. He enjoyed the game a lot because he experienced agame of hockey so closely after nine long years, last time when he experienceda hockey match he was involved in it as captain of his house team for schoolgames. Losing finals by 6-1 has been one bitter memory for him. He was feelinghappy for his University team and suddenly all those scenes started to play infront of his eyes. 
While he was strugglingto get rid of all these visualised memories he reached the bar, he was lookingfor a place where he can change his shoes so that he do not look an odd man outthere in the lecture hall for a special lecture that was arranged by Bristol BusinessSchool. Moving from one corridor to the other and tweeting as usual to let theworld know what he was about to do, as if anyone cares. A smiling face was there tow welcome him at the reception desk and gave him his delegate badge. Therewas some time in lecture to start and everyone was busy in either chattering orsipping the coffee. ‘I should get fresh before lecture starts’, thinking thishe approached to the toilets he had no idea what kind of situation he is goingto be in. He followed the signs for ‘male’ at the main door of toilets area.


Call of nature is oneof the things that one cannot hold for long but all the given and suitable forhim facilities were busy. ‘Oh come on why the hell people take so much time…okay till than I can wear this badge and clean my shoes’, he thought and started to look in the mirror. ‘Khrhuk’ the sound of tower bolt came and he wasready to move now. However, it was not normal something was wrong, as theperson coming out was a girl yes a girl. He was sure that he is in male toiletand she is at fault, and she is supposed to feel embarrassed. He confidently turned toher but she was smiling in fact laughing, ‘why she is not feeling embarrassed,it is male toilet after all… is it???’ he thought and rushed to the door hemight have realised that he was at fault. He raised a slogan ‘SORRY MY MISTAKE’and without wasting any time he took shelter in the male toilets as he was feelingreally embarrassed.


When the time is not right one can expect dog bites evenwhen one is sitting on a camel this is not just a saying but also a commonobservation when you face one bad thing after the other and this series goes on.same was the time going on for him, he came out fresh, neat, and ready toattend the lecture, but things were not same in the hall. People were more attentivenow and every one managed to have a seat. the hall was packed and there wasonly one chair vacated he captured that seat as there was no other option buthe never expected that the person sitting next to him is the same girl, yes thesame girl that he met a while ago in not a so appropriate place.

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