Something I am not very proud of

The 362nd day away from home started with an alarm and In few hours I was standing at Newport Railway Station with an aim to do many things in coming hours of the day, roaming in Bristol city centre, visiting the salaam shalom radio station, going to my university (UWE) to mark my international student attendance, and in the end listening to a lecture by the CEO of International Airline Group at Bristol Business School.
I reached Bristol Temple Meads railway station that I call twin brother of Lahore Railway station they both look the same thanks to the Victorian age for that. I fulfilled my duties of being a vagabond and payed a long due visit to my radio station was back at platform 11 of Bristol Temple Meads. Train arrived and i settled down myself took my phone out of my pocket and started to listen to my travel time music playlist, just for information these days most of the songs in that list are sung by Sherya Ghoshal. The passenger on the next seats facing to my side started to gaze at me or at least i felt so, as that passenger was not a male passenger i felt that it is my duty to goggle back. Not so gentleman’s act, but who started this game han? I do not know when train reached Filton Abbey wood Railway station,as I was busy in playing that goggle-goggle game and listening to the voice of Sherya Ghoshal. I totally forgot that i was supposed to leave the train at that station to go to UWE for my attendance.
As soon as i realised I rushed to the door like a bullet but the bullet was fired late train started to move and the ticket checker thought that i ran after seeing him and considered me a ticket-less/saver traveller. He approached me and asked for the ticket. By the way above is the same ticket that he marked it showed that i was not a bad boy at that time. It is not easy to travel again to UWE just for the purpose of attendance. At such situations,i start to make quick plans and honestly speaking they always worked. I sent an email to the international office regarding my situation and then called them too to confirm till what time i can come for attendance. It was 3:05 pm and i was thinking to reach Newport and take 3:15 train to filton so that i can make to UWE main reception before 4:30. Things were going against me and i was feeling as if my nerves are being tested. I missed the planned train, the next train was at 3:44pm while waiting for that train, and cursing that girl who caused me this hassle, I was looking at my feet because these poor two were going to run carrying a weight of 80Kg idiot. I received an email from international office saying “…no need to rush for 4:30 main reception is open till 8:30 today”. SMILE that is the thing everyone do at such news.
I mounted the train, by the way did i mentioned about buying ticket for this journey? No… Right i did not buy that and made my way to the toilet of the train. No matter how much i curse and rant British railways but i must say the toilets are always clean and one can hide there in situation like the one i was going through. The time i spend in that toilet was one of the worst times i spent in any of my travel. The time train started to get slow i washed my hands and face and switched on hand dryer so that the world out sidethink as if “mission accomplished”. Filton is one of those stations where ticket-checking machines are not installed so you can pass through the main gate without fear. Cutting the long story short i was at UWE main reception at 4:29pm achieved the main reason of coming to Bristol but for this i travelled without ticket and remain in hiding in a toilet for 25 minutes and i am not proud of that. So this journey is “I did something that i am not very proud off….” according to my fb status. I also mentioned about a lesson that we study in books and i experienced it in the same status update. And the lesson is “you can do even the most ridicules thing when you are poor”, even there is a Hadith about how financial problems can lead one to infidelity. With a pocket having only £6 in it,that was the only option for me and i realised that to be poor like that is such a curse. Anyways it is Friday night in 24-25 hours now i will get rich again 😀 so if you are taking me as an ultimate poor soul please don’t wast eyour time and precious thoughts i might be poor but hardworking at the sametime.
That is what i am thinking now standing on an empty Filton Abbey Wood railway station.


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3 responses to “Something I am not very proud of

  1. sam

    what do you do to make a living?

  2. good question. I work 🙂

  3. LOL such an eventful day for you!

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