Get New Facebook Profile


At F8 conference facebook announced the new design for the profile coming out soon. it is yet be public tough. well the details of those changes can be seen in the video below.
as it is not public yet you cant experience it now but there are a few simple steps that you can follow and apply this on your profile.

  1. Open this link and click on +Create NewApp
  2. Add the App display name and namespace. you can use any kind of text or any word for that.
  3. The App ID and Secret and other details will appear on next page.
  4. Click on Open Graph on the left sidebar of this page.
  5. now describe what this app can do. i.e.‘one can see videos here’ and click Get Started.
  6. In the next page scroll down and simply click Save Changes and Next.
  7. Next page scroll down and click Save and Finish.

Be Happy now as you have created a Facebook app with Open Graph and see the difference on your facebook profile 🙂


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