Lessons Of Life

life-lessonLife is indeed a complicated thing, some take it easy and live it in great harmony, and some in the quest of harmony spoils the harmony of the others. Just a simple tip or you can call it fact that I have learned in recent past is that our problems belong to us therefore they should remain our problems and we should solve them accordingly and in accordance to the relevant people/factors. Those who do not have to do anything with that must not be bugged. However, this is not the case with many of us, and I have seen many who claim to be brave and the so-called bravery only bashes those who have nothing to do with the problem that caused anger.

For God sake if you hate something deal with it but do not lose those who love you. Life has to move on and everyone has a life that moves according to his or her will. God has ultimate authority to make major decisions in lives. Therefore, what should we call those who always love to make decisions and imposing them, creating a false perception about anyone and then keep on promoting that. At the end of the day, you are advised to enjoy your life but still you are not allowed to decide how you are going to enjoy that.

This is life when someone like me learns to surrender and stop replying to even if something wrong is being said, as your truth will be sauciness in front of the anger of these who claim to have authority.


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