Wandering Soul – How that all started

Feet on the Beach

I am sitting outside my work place, having lunch and recalling some old days as I do every single day. I recall the city where I was born; Faisalabad, I recall Lahore- the city where I was brought up, lived most of my life. This chapter of my story starts with the decision to broad my horizon of academic experience and that desire brought me here in UK for my MSC at University of the West of England, Bristol.

My taste buds still cherish the taste of all those food places where I was dragged in my last week in Pakistan, “mutton karhahi” at Lakshmi square(lakshmi chowk), Balochi Sajji at “Mazang”, breakfast of Hallway poori, and the list goes on. I was forced to eat more than my capacity as everyone told me that I am going to miss that all.
The last day in Lahore, my brother and I visited the tomb of Hazrat Ali Hajveri, who is famous as Data Sahib; in fact Lahore is known as “Data Ki Nagri” (City of Data), I was there to say good bye to that saint. I wanted to say good-bye to one more person; Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, The national poet of Pakistan. “I love those among youth, who aim at the stars”, that is one of his poetic verse that I am following for a long time.

I took by bag and put my praying hat in my pocket. The farewell was the most emotional part of the day when my mother and grandmother refused to go to airport because they both were unable to see me going. I somehow kept myself firm even at the time when eyes were wet and I was crossing the airport barriers with heavy feet. A voice hit me, “Azlan! you have to be brave my lion”, that was my father I nodded my head and never turned to see what was going behind my back as I was unable to bear that all. While I was waiting to fly, I received an sms from my best friend – my brother “bhai Jan, tell me for how long I have to stay alone now”. That was enough for me and without thinking that how awkward I might be looking I started to cry with tears.

Now while drying my tears i am thinking that life changed in past 10 months but one thing is still the same – Me. I am Rai M. Azlan a guy with body here in UK but a soul that still wandering somewhere in my land Pakistan.


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