Crossing The Fear

During my growing up days, tough I still believe they are going on, I heard a tag line of a fizzy drink saying that victory is when you cross your fear. When I think about my victories during all the life that I have spent so far there was a fear standing tall on my way, no matter if it is passing exams, getting job, or getting admission for my MSC. Fear was always there that I defeated and in no time forgot that fear.
However, today I am thinking about the concept of fear at a time when I have physically faced and experienced fear. I was at Alton Towers this Sunday, and that is the reason I have a weird voice these day, yes screaming in rides showing its colors now.
Heights and speeds have scared me always and I started avoiding them never sit in rides that are in joy land of Lahore or any other theme park in Pakistan. However, this Sunday I had a test of my own and no matter how much I act today and pose my bravery today but the fact remains that it was tough and I was scared the evidence of that is picture above when the ride called nemesis put me in my life’s most horrible 90 seconds. My facial expressions say the kind of things going inside and outside me. That was the time I faced my fear of speed.
I crossed my fear of height when I dismounted from oblivion my friend captured a video for my youtube channel:
That was near 300 feet freefall, with tons of weight on you, the darkness of the pit; a combination of scary objects but I cleared that all with a roar of Azlan (still feel pain of tat roar in my tonsils less throat).
I was happy that I got rid of those psychologically I know God has given me enough courage to beat them all and that is why I was flying in the air, experiencing the superman moments.
It is not just a tag line as it is a reality of life, I realized that day. fears must be crossed to gain the victory, whatever your fear is today should be your achievement tomorrow and for that beat your fear work in a way that fear remain far behind in your progress. every day is a lesson and this Sunday, Alton towers, and those rides thought me a lesson and made me realized that after a victory do not forget your fear and cherish it as your achievement after bearing it.

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