A Visit to the Theater of Dreams

Glittering stickers introduced me to these two words some 12 years ago. By that time, I had no idea what actually it was. I am talking about Manchester United things are different today for me as they used to be 12 years ago. However, this has been the journey that begun with a pure direction when during a class I got to know that Faisalabad is known as Manchester of Pakistan, what is the reason for that it is a separate topic; by the way, I have emotional attachment with Faisalabad because I was born there. From that day I added one more name in my “to visit” list and it was Manchester.
One major reason for this inclusion was “Manchester United” at that time it was my most favorite team because, Beckham used to play for it.
 Right now, I have a feeling of conqueror as I finally visited the theater of dreams, Old Trafford the home of Manchester United. Being a student I paid 11 £ for the package of “tour and museum” of old Trafford football stadium and Museum. The kind of information and experience I had there, worth the amount I paid.
Tour started at 1:30 pm and the group of 20 football lovers gathered at assembly point. Tour guide, do not remember the name of that fat jolly fellow, took us to the famous north stand that has and gave the initial brief of the theater of dreams. There are special boxes in that stand it will cost you £68000 for a whole season to book that, there is a special seating facility for the disabled people with their attendant free. During an average match near 250 KG of pie is sold at the stadium.
After the brief we were taken to the players’ lounge, where red devils have their lunch and plan the strategy before the match. This is the room where Victoria and Beckham met for the first time. Every player is allowed to have two guests at the players’ lounge, as per our guide, “it can be his wife, or girl friend, or both of them”. I also got chance to walk through the corridor where players walk before the match and stood near the pitch, as none of us was allowed to touch the pitch. There is a Munich tunnel inside the stadium premises that is made in the memory of the Munich crash that took place in February 1958 and killed 8 ManU players their name and position is written on the east end of the stadium where this incident took place.
This tunnel has information about the incident and happenings after that. There is a lamp burning in the memory of that accident in the tunnel. It also has some memorable pictures and details about other important things related to ManU i.e. the greatest ManU player ever George Best, Shirt number 7.
The last destination of the tour was the souvenir shop, this shop is owned by Nike and it is the world’s largest souvenir shop, bigger than any of NBA, NHL, or NFL of USA. You can collect your tour certificate from the shop that entitles your name and signed by Sir. Alex Ferguson.
After this one hour long tour, I visited the museum, these days the 19th premiership victory is being celebrated. I have been lucky enough to touch that prestigious trophy and captured that moment in the form of picture.
This museum deserves a full day visit, as there is hell of information in it. Details and belongings of legends, all the trophies and accomplishments, the entire kits sample that been used by man U since it came into being. Another attraction of this building is Red Cafe and I grabbed coffee from their and moved to the exit door that was the reality of my dream that I was cherishing since 2001.

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