ICC Cricket World Cup Round 2

After all the action of Round one now its time for the round to there have been a lot of “De Ghuma ke” in round one now quarterfinals will give a showdown of eight undisputed best teams in the world of cricket.
Below is the venus and date of Quarterfinals that show on which day what kind of cricketing battle there will be.

  1. First QF – Pakistan vs. West Indies at Mirpur – March 23
  2. Second QF – India vs. Australia at Ahmedabad – March 24.
  3. Third QF – South Africa vs. New Zealand at Mirpur – March 25.
  4. Fourth QF – Sri Lanka vs. England at Colombo – March 26.



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2 responses to “ICC Cricket World Cup Round 2

  1. I predict Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka advancing to Semis. The best thing is the fact that we will have one less evil in semi finals after India/ Australia clash in quarters.Lets hope the cup comes to Asia

  2. @Sohail i agree with the last part of your tweet on less evil and world cup to be back in Asia where it used to be in 90s

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