Pain that i face every day…


As soon as it was morning, son asked his maid to handover a letter to his mother. Letter was containing a message saying:

Dear Mom! Yesterday you came to our house and you took our son Asim with you. If we would have been at home, than we would never ever allowed you to do so as he is dearer than life to us, it is hard to spend even a single day without him. We were unable to have dinner, as he was not around. At night, his mother and I were unable to sleep. I am sending my maid, please return us our son.”

Mother sent her grandson back. However, she sent a letter as well for her son. Letter was saying:

You felt the separation of your son so much for a day only, now you might know that what is the grievance to be separated from own child. You never bothered to see our face ever since you got married. You have reached to that point in one day… just think for a moment! You are away from me for last ten years, what would have been my situation?”.

Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad.
Above is the translated version of a piece written by Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad. Short, simple, yet very deep, and thought provoking. I can only think about it, curse the sons who put their mothers to that grievance. To some extant I am one of them, away from my mother but the fact remains that I was never happy to be that far from her, and still I am not happy. I miss her and I miss her a lot. And I know that how much she would have been missing me. I still cannot forget the last time when I was saying good-bye to her, tears were in her eyes, and good wishes for me on the lips. Moreover, I was trying to stay firm not to show my tears and grievance to anyone.
I am not a mother, and I can never be. Therefore, I do not know the pain that a mother can feel when she is away from her children. However, I can only state and express what I feel. Children can never be happy and satisfied when they are away from their mother. I cannot say that it is a universal truth, but it is the truth for me. A truth that I face every single day.


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4 responses to “Pain that i face every day…

  1. Aww. I hope you call your mum everyday and tell her you think of her. 🙂

  2. nice post azlan! indeed mothers are the most precious treasure we have!!!

  3. that was one nice post, Azlan! I can understand how you feel but the purpose of you being away from her is not less important. focus on what you are there for and make her proud. your success in any field will wipe off her tears. just do it. return to her and keep her happy in every way you can. just cheer up and SMILE =)!!

  4. I am away from my parents as well, and i can't forget that moment when my dad wont look me in eyes coz he had tears in his eyes and my mom kissed me for the last time..miss u mom n dad n i love u.

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