A Unique Experience at World Community Arts Day Exhibition

For last three days winds has been quite chilly. If you have seen less number of tweets from my end then the reason for that are the frost bitten fingers. Weekend begins and ends really fast that’s what I have noticed about this golden time of the week, it is exceptional that you get all your things done that you lined up for the weekend. Anyhow again the introductory part of the post is getting long so let me reach to the point.

This weekend I was supposed to go to the World Community Arts Day Exhibition at riverfront arranged by Newport city council. The best part is that I actually been there rather than just planning for it. Well along with this expedition I also get chance to have a visit of Newport indoor market. That was a nice place I got glimpse of some classic things there as in the gramophone records. This market reminds me the railway stations in Pakistan because both have almost same structure. By the way, the best thing about his indoor market is the Breakfast that you can have here.
I think my love for food and old buildings is again taking me away from the real topic 😛 so I was there at riverfront after experiencing the chilly and strong winds of the city. The event was about art and almost all forms of artwork were gathered there Painting and other fine art work, music, dance etc. Well I was there to see the paintings I might not be good at drawing and colors but I like to see well-drawn and well-colored things. While I was waiting for art gallery to open something caught my attention, some people were being photographed while holding a slate in their hand with a certain number on it. It was enough to make me curious I made my way to information desk and after getting information I was having a form in my hand and I was paying the amount of 3 £ with my other hand.
It might sound funny to many that I ticked the box next to modeling option. Yes, I was taking part in the additions of Fashion Wales live 2011, (to be held one day before the royal wedding).
After the measurement and initial pictures, I was in line for the auditions. There were many desperate want to be models around me and I was there just for fun with my entire happy go lucky attitude. My number was 72 however; my name was called in the second chunk. I was in queue waiting for my turn to walk, heart was beating hard, I think it is normal, there were so many things going inside and I was acting calm because I was the only male around and the girls around me were shivering out of nervousness. The judges called Rai!!!
Yes, that was I and they were calling me to walk on the ramp. By the time, the storm inside me was over because I was having a “the Rai style” confidence at that moment. I walked to them well I think action speaks louder than words, therefore, it is better to see the video 😀
By the way, while I was going for the last walk to the judges for the Q&A session I made the signature lassi walk. The gait that we Lahories practice after having the biggest glass of lassi the pehelwan of milk shop has to offer us. The judges asked me some questions too (as you saw in video) well below is the dialogue between judges and me:

Judge 1. Are you modelling for the first time?

Rai. Yes

Judge 2. Why you want to be model?

Rai. Well I don’t want to I was here to see art exhibition when I heard about audition I thought let give you people a chance.

(All judges had a little laugh)

Judge 3. (And she was looking very good actually) you enjoyed it?

Rai. Yes, it was a nice experience.

Judge 3. Would you like to carry this on?

Rai. Yes if I am getting good amount of fee 😉

Judge 3. What about a two-year contract?

Rai. Why not 😀

That is how session ended and I made my way back to my family who were watching me from the top row. Anyhow, they will let me know in 3 weeks. Well if I say I do not care about the result it might not be true I am waiting for it but still the experiences I had was interesting indeed.
Now come to the best part I am going to be selected or not but my Mamu Jaan gave us all a treat in my honor because he was quite happy and impress of my confidence that I showed there on an international front. I was the only boy, and only Desi (until that time) who took part in the audition where everyone was mature and prepared for it. In addition, I was not prepared and more on that was carrying off the tea shirt that I bought from the great Primark. Anyhow, the detail of my treat is one simple term “KFC Kickin Meal”. If this post was interesting for you or you liked it than have your say in comments, and if you like to share it go ahead and spread the word.
Indoor Market
P.s. Well last few lines show that I want to sleep now and I don’t know how to wrap-up the post now 😉


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2 responses to “A Unique Experience at World Community Arts Day Exhibition

  1. kus

    i luv your walk .. i just pray you will get a gud response 🙂

  2. hahahahah awesum review….loved it! love your confidence and style and totally digged the lassi andaaz! KUDOS!!!

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