Dhobi Ghat – Mumbai Diaries ~ Review

(This Post was first Published in The Lahore Post Blogs)


This past Friday one of the most awaited movies released. Aamir Khan’s production came with another flick – “Dhobi Ghat – Mumbai Diaries”. Directed by Kiron Rao who is also the writer of the film, her being wife of Aamir is another introduction of hers. Movie is a complex story, based on social genre, of three characters Arun (Aamir Khan), a passionate artist who is busy to find his way around to his own artistic goals, Manna (Prateik Babbar) a washer man, a rat killer, and a wana be actor. And the third is Shai (Monica Dogra) a U.S. returned banker, who is photographer by hobby.
The story revolves around these three people with the presence of many other characters one notable character among them is Yasmin (Kirti Malhotra) who is shooting her experience in Mumbai to share it with his younger brother, but apparently she never got chance to do so as she surrenders against the twist and turns of her life. Arun moves to the house where once Yasmin used to live, the video tapes caught his attention, and he starts to take interest into them the intensity of his interest ends up in a painting. Manna is a common washer man who serves both Arun and Shai, Shai and Arun break up right after they met on the exhibition of Arun, in simple words one nightstand. The roll of Munna is that he starts to take interest in Shai who takes him as a good friend and guide in the city where she shoots many aspects of Mumbai life to practice her hobby. By the time, Munna can understand his real position he already have lost his brother in some gang fight.
Well to some the film ends when they start to feel that it is interval and let us grab some popcorn. Well this was not a bollywood type film, no villains, no larger than life hero and nor a spicy song. Dhobi Ghat is a story of simple people who consider their positions and situations are not that simple. Well, story in my opinion was nice and I can give it four stars out of five but fact remains that it was not digestible and understandable for all of the bollywood lovers.
Direction was superb as director been able to get what actually she wanted to take out of the actors and the objects around. Aamir great acting as always, and Pratik showed his potential again, I still remember his work in jane tu ya jane na, and the best among all is Monica Dogra she is not a bollywood type of actress but still she acted so well and with maturity that she was not looking out of the picture throughout the film. While talking about the cast I would like to mention Kirti Malhotra a character who been the part of the story without actually being there. So acting and direction 5/5 though there have been some clause but still it was par excellence in my opinion. The language used most in the film is English, least that is what I observed, that can be another reason that the pure bollywood lover do not inclined towards it. Overall, it was a nice movie but I will recommend this to the followers of good films because a bollywood follower will not be able to get anything in it.

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