Cafe Nero Sucks

What you want at the weekend eve? Especially when the week was totally dreadful and full of exams tension, and the whole day, before the eve, you have spent in cleaning, updating, and tiding up the home. Well I am sure everyone has different answers to this question whereas my reply would be one wonderful coffee experience. The situation I mentioned earlier was something that I experienced this past weekend. Hmm so I was talking about coffee, well coffee is something that I am addicted to, up to some extent. This past weekend after getting rid of all the tension and stress-oriented stuff, I planned to go out in town and enjoy coffee in some good environment.
One thing is confirmed that ever since I have came here I am totally fond of Starbucks, however old habits die hard and keep doing strange experiments is one of those old habits. Mostly the result I get out of this habit is extreme, I mean if it is good, it will be extremely good and if it is bad, it is going to be extremely bad. Here I would like to share another concept that I follow, “experience stops us from making a wrong decision but we gain experience out of a wrong decision (that’s not Azlan ki theory I read it in some book long ago).
Anyhow, the short version of the story is that my friend (better known as #cousinMohtaram on twitter) got our signature paper mint mocha, by the way, I introduced this amazing form of coffee to him and it was an experiment. I wanted to do some experiment therefore I walked further along with my friend to cafe Nero located in commercial street.
I have forgotten the name of the coffee I ordered but it was blended coffee and it was looking very nice you can see the picture above for the confirmation. In no time, I was sitting on the chair outside cafe Nero and I took my first sip. I was speechless and with almost tears in my eyes, it might sound exaggerated, I said, “what a carp it is?” The worst coffee experience ever, trust me everything was so perfect, one fine evening, a nice location, light breeze blowing and you are having coffee. Well, minus this coffee thing because that was crap.
I like coffee without sugar but only black coffee, but when I am spending more than 3 pounds and having some blended coffee that has to be sweet. There is limit for bitterness but that cup of coffee left that limit far behind. At the end, I handed that cup over to a trash bin and made my way back to home and before reaching home, I was standing in a queue to buy flapachino to add something good to totally spoiled evening. For more details, see the picture below 😉
Starbuchks Coffee’s Flapachino- My love 🙂
 Okay so that was an experiment and the lesson I learned out of it is that I have to stay loyal to starbucks coffee because it always make my mood good and if there is one place in Newport where I spend some good time then starbucks coffee is definitely that place. Well I have found another place soon will write about it and I will make sure that I am writing about it while I am sitting there. Just to remind you people cafe Nero sucks.

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  1. starbucks is really the 'it' coffee shop. but, if you're a coffee purist… try visiting small coffee shops. you know… those unknown shops just around the corner with those incandescent lamps and where people almost know each other. my friends often call them the gourmet coffee shops. often, they are in this business not bec of the money but because coffee is their passion. do shop-hop. 🙂

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