When I Look Back At These Three Months

It is been three months that I left my home land for the sake of higher education, still it is like a dream to me, but I miss my home and my country. This expedition of coming here might not be as good as it is now if  few factors are taken out of it. One of them is the experience that I had at my university, UWE. I still remember the day that was my first day at UWE, however that was not the first day of the course as I was late due to some unavoidable circumstances, that aroma of coffee at the Bristol Parkway Railway station is still fresh in my mind when ever I recall the morning of 18th October.
People around us play a vital role in making your experience good or bad. Today when one term is over, I look back to all these three months I find so many people and so many faces that play a major role in this experience at University of the West of England. I know how hard or simple it had been to make some space in the good books of every one.
I have to say that all the people that I met during this term have been good some became a very good friend of mine where some are still happy to see me in ceremonious way. However, there are still few who love to keep me at an arm’s length. Well no hard feelings for such people because all I have is the best wishes of them all. While I started to write this post I thought to mention the names of all who I think that I had as best buddies.
But I don’t think that it will be against my blogging rule that I mention the name of each and every member of my class who are apparently my classmates but I consider them all as the friends that I made during this period of time. I would like to say thanks to all of you for making this time so good for me and I am really honoured to have you all as my friends. When I think about October 18th I can only recall the aroma of coffee but when I think about the current moment the thing I can recall is the name of you all and all the nice moments that we shared and had during this period of time.
Now time for some honorary mentions – our teacher, either it is John, Farooq, Keth, or Tim all of them have been great to us all (trust me I am not saying that to gain some advantage in the assessment results :D). Honestly, I am in fact we are (if I am allowed to speak on the behalf of the whole class) really honoured to have you as our instructors for the specific subjects, and wish all the best to you people for the future.


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3 responses to “When I Look Back At These Three Months

  1. congrats that you are done with a good portion of your degree..good luck with some of it which is left..just keep your goal in your mind and move ahead..you will doo better =)

  2. shahid9

    best of luck for your remaining portion of degree 🙂

  3. Masha'ALLAH glad to know that you've adjusted yourself to the environment and congrats on successfully moving ahead :-)Stay focus and keep moving ahead, Insha'ALLAH you'll achieve your goals! :-)Stay blessed always! [Ameen]

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