The Rain Of Sorrows…

It has been raining since last night and I am busy in the activates that almost every student is during the exams week. I planned to visit university in the morning to go and check what my other classmates have to say who have presentation today so that I can make my presentation better that I have to take tomorrow. Alas, the rain never allowed me to practice my plans though I gathered information over the phone and internet from my classmates and friends.
I was standing by the window watching the rain outside with the sips of the cup of coffee. Out of nowhere, some poetry has come to my mind. As per the best of my information, this poetry work is by famous Urdu poet Muneer Niazi. It is a rare moment that some poetry came to my ground of thinking and remains there for a long time that I am putting that here now. Therefore, I am sharing it here, Muneer Niazi says:

Gham ki barish ne bhi
Tere naksh ko dhoya naheen
Tue ne muj ko kho deya
Main ne tuj ko khoya naheen
Neend ka halka gulabi sa khumaar
Aankhon main tha
Yun laga jaise woh shab ko
Dair tak soya naheen
Har taraf dewaar wa dar
Aur un main aankhon k hajum
Kah sake jo dil ki halat
Woh lab goya naheen
Jurm adam ne kiya aur
Nasal aadam ko saza
Kaat ta houn zindagi bhar
Main ne jo boya naheen
Janta houn aik aise shakhs ko
Main bhi “Muneer”
Gham se pathar ho gaya
Lekin kabhi roya naheen

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