Memories of 10

The year is ending or on a positive side a new one is about to start. It is for the first time I am alone at home to welcome this new year of a new decade. Moreover, it is first time I am going welcome it many hours after my country is going to in fact it is already a new year in my country. When I am talking about the first times then it is another fact that I am writing about New Year for the first time (I cannot guarantee about my diary writing days) as much as I know I never wrote about it…
I have spent a lively life it has not been boring every year have been the better then the previous one because of all the new experiences. Year 2010 has been the one among the best years class. So many memories it gave me, started this year with a good news that I was nominated for the first ever Pakistan Blog Awards. On the first day, I was standing near Punjab assembly withal many other people from the civil society for the solidarity day.

I still remember the chilly evening of January when I accidentally reached and standing in a crowd in front of Ufone main business centre for the interview. I was the least interested for that job and I do not know how I cleared the entire interviews one after the other. I attended my graduation ceremony at Hailey College of commerce university of Punjab. That was the first ever graduation ceremony in the around 83 years history of the institute, that was 16th of January. On the same evening, I became a member of TIE Lahore chapter.
On 18 January, Ufone hired me. I know it sounds dramatic that one is hired on the first working day after graduating. I found such a nice co-workers and friends that I will not be able to find anywhere again. Qasim bhai and Tunnel bhai are the best of them I still miss them and they were the reason that I kept doing that job for ten months almost where as I decided to resigned in the first week.
This year I also got chance to meet many people who I either met over the internet or saw them on TV. Meeting Joanna Vroom, Aisam ul Haq, Bilal Qutab, Badar Khushnood, ma’am Jehan Ara, Governor Punjab (though that meeting was criticized by friends), CM Punjab, Ayesha Alam, Ayesha Mehmood, Farhan Janjua, Bushra Azeem, Saad Hamid, Navin Naqvi, Sidra Iqbal And many others that even I can’t recall at the moment.
I also got chance to visit Karachi after 15 years almost. The journey was long but the trip was short and the level of excitement is inexpressible I met so many friends that I had made on twitter and Facebook. Met many new friends as well. The reason of the trip was blog awards though I could not get the award but the memories I gathered are quite precious for me. I enjoyed meeting all of my Karachi friends. Specially, Faisal Kapadia, Shobz, Aly bhai, Sana Saleem, my competitor of the award Banish api, all my other PYR friends, and Dr. Awab. I cannot forget the re action of Awab bhai when he met me as he said out of surprise “oye tum ho Rai Azlan” (are you rai Azlan) in reply, of my “Yes” he further said “I thought you would have been a 6 feet tall and 30 plus man… Tum to bachy ho”.
Becoming part of TEDx Lahore was another thing that I cannot forget thanks to the team who allowed me to be the part even after I was late to join them. Bringing ted to Lahore in a bigger way was a big task and there was a feeling of pride when somehow it was achieved.
Also took many interviews to the radio shows and newspapers or magazines this year. I cannot forget the first one where I said that Lahore is an important country when we think about practicing such things in city like Pakistan. Yes, that was out of nervousness and the sight of microphone right under my nose. 😛
I had my first air travel this year when I set out for my MSC from Lahore to UK via DXB. Coming here was an experience that I am still having because I am still trying to adjust my loud attitude with the requirements of this new place. And today I am sitting in a city of Wales waiting for New Year to come. By the way, this New Year refreshed me a forgotten lesson too, that whatever you plan there is a supreme planner who can make you act according to his plans. My Mamu (with whom I am living here), my cousin Umer and I planned to go to Switzerland on New Year as our UK visa was allowing us this trip, or the plan b was New Year night in London. That was the plan and the reality is that Mamu and Umer are in Pakistan to attend a wedding and I am here in Wales enjoying being home alone and having experience of baby’s day out during this holidays and festive season.
Memories the only best thing and some memorable lessons, and the experiences that I had this year is the total savings I have got right now and all the loving and caring people and my friends are the profit for me. Thanks to you all for making this year great for me.
Now I am going out to welcome New Year under the sights and sound of fireworks. So Blwddyn newydd dda… That is not a typo it says happy New Year in welsh.


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6 responses to “Memories of 10

  1. Have a great year ahead and excel in your studies to make your parents proud 🙂

  2. Happy new year… our one mutual memory "graduation ceremony" :)and wish u all the best for year Ahead 🙂

  3. @Anika thanks for the wishes@Asma yeah and if you remember we were not talking to each other because you were annoyed 😛

  4. @ Azlanyeah i do remember yar… but those days were Awosme 🙂

  5. haha. as implied by you, you wanted a comment. :Pit's amazing to see that there are still people who remain thankful in spite of the goings-on in their lives, or the society in general. mashaAllah. may Allah SWT bless you and your family ready for 2011. there are new adventures awaiting all of us.

  6. Sounds like a good year to me. I hope this one turns out to be much better for you! 🙂

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