Nothing Happy About the Holidays

University closed since last week and that was the start of holidays. It has been always said that Happy Holidays. It has been a greeting but for me the case is different. There was nothing happy for me in these holidays, the snowfall started on the very first day of the holidays; I experienced snowfall for the second time in this season as I have spent my whole life in the lands Punjab in Pakistan. Therefore, this has been very new experience for me. This cold weather and my job did the magic and I fell ill. Now for a flu-hit person there is nothing happy around then why can the holidays be happy for someone in such a horrible state.

For four days, almost I kept dealing with the affairs of life while I was carrying the fiver. I am fine now but I must say the experience I had in this past week has been one of the worst that I can face. In my whole life, I have not faced such tough weather. There is always first time and there is always a next time too. In my first time, I might have failed to counter this weather but I will make sure that it cannot beat my passion to live next time. However, there is one thing that I need to say here and that is a fact that I have to know out of this experience and not it has become one of Azlan Ki Theory. It says, “The snow is beautiful but only if you are seeing it on screen or in a picture, in real life it is one of the big problem to tackle with.”
There is nothing happy about the holidays; ah, I cannot say it anymore as the festive season is at the peak. While I am writing this post, the city is sleeping but the flavour of charismas eve is there. Since my childhood, I had a charm or some feelings, and expectations towards the festival of Christmas. Snow, chilli winters, Christmas trees, and many more this year I have experienced all of them. I am not celebrating this event like the way many people around are and the dereference of this celebration is because of religion. However, according to the teachings of my religion I am also supposed to be happy as it is the Birthday of the second last Prophet of Allah, who is as respectful for me as for the christens.
Holidays are not that bad they are always happy because if the end is good the whole thing is good then. That is what I think about what I am going through. This year as I am in a place where celebrations and festivals are different so by now I have experienced many things, making a snowman is one of them. Newport is a silent and calm city that is the biggest reason that I like this city now however; it can never be as good as my love Lahore is.
Life put you in different situations and situations decides at the end who is the best around, I have been through this situation in this past week. I am fit and fine now and that is why I am feeling good about the things around life is beautiful and happy thing then why holidays cannot be beautiful and happy. Therefore, I wish Happy Holidays and merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating it.

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